• Thanks again, Amanda and Tom – St. Petersburg, FL

    “We wanted to thank you for all the work and “teaching” you have provided. Jobe has come a long way since we first started and we owe it all to you ! Some people don’t believe he is the same dog.”

  • Susan -- Leonia, NJ

    “We followed your advice to the letter and everything played out just as you had anticipated. Thank you so much for your brilliant advice. Simon would have likely been returned had you not diagnosed his “Alpha-wanna-be syndrome” and turned him into a happy “Beta-boy” and certainly, Breakaway would have never had the opportunity to melt our hearts.”

  • With Gratitude, Sandy – St. Petersburg, FL

    “Just had Heidi to the vet and the entire staff was so impressed with her friendly behavior that they could not believe that it was the same dog. They couldn’t believe that she was ever aggressive. Dr. Masters was in awe. He said he has not seen results like this before from any trainer. The office would like a stack of your cards for clients with problem pets.”

  • Kindest Regards, Jim & Linda Neel - Tampa, FL

    “I just wanted to officially thank you for your work with Sadie. Your knowledge of animals is just amazing! The difference in Sadie’s behavior since your involvement is substantial. You were able to resolve her problems with such things as “coming on command”, “potty training” jumping up on visitors and “pulling on her leash”. Her general attitude has dramatically improved. I am particularly impressed with the fact that all of your training utilizes positive re-enforcement rather than harsh methods. I hope to build on the foundation that you have laid by continuing to apply the techniques that you taught us. It has been a pleasure working with you. Let us know when you plan to start the “yappy hour” sessions.”

  • Thank you so very much, Seena & Bill Baker - Tierra Verde, FL

    “We can’t believe what you accomplished in such a short time!! We love our Natasha but living with her had become such a trial. Her attacking the TV set whenever an animal or ball game came on was driving us crazy. Then our vet gave us your name…and it was magic! Your behavior modification program makes so much sense. Of course you have to know how a dog thinks to develop such a program but obviously that’s your area of expertise. Now we watch TV in perfect peace and we are using you program…What we liked best about it was that the training was never negative for Tasha. No use of punishment…You’re GREAT and Natasha is just about PERFECT!”

  • Thank you again, Dan, Brenda, Oscar & Max - Largo, FL

    “Thank you so much for your help. You are a true friend to animals and people alike. You saved our family. All four of us appreciate you a great deal. Your dedication to your profession is inspiring and heartwarming. It is wonderful to know there are people like you in this world.”