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At Pet Peeves, we adamantly oppose the harsh and archaic style of controlling your pet through physical force or intimidation such as – in the case of dog training – using a choke chain, pinch collar, or harsh words.

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A one hour assessment to determine the best program for you and your pet based on your goals and expectations. All programs are recommended with a written 100% guarantee or your money back!

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All programs are guaranteed in writing.

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Our clients rave about us and the great results we have helped them achieve with their pets. Although most of our referrals come from happy customers telling other pet owners about our animal behavior services.

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There are so many pet training companies out there. How do I choose one that's right for me and my pet?

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At Pet Peeves Animal Training, Inc. we believe that “training should be enjoyed at both ends of the leash”. We utilize only positive methods for training and/or behavior modification with your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We train all breeds and ages of dogs, cats, horses and birds.
Yes, we can stop this dangerous habit.
Your pet’s personality will basically remain the same. Positive animal training enhances the relationship between you and your pet -resulting in a more confident, happy, and enjoyable companion. However, be aware that not all dog trainers utilize positive methods to train. Unfortunately some pet trainers still use the “train by force” method, which can potentially harm your pet- physically, emotionally and behaviorally, sometimes beyond repair. We utilize ONLY POSITIVE reinforcement techniques – ensuring your pet’s personality and trust remain in tact.
Yes. 95% of all aggression cases can be resolved with the professional guidance of an Animal Behaviorist. Aggression is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. Don’t attempt to deal with this on your own. Seek help from a qualified Animal Behaviorist.
Absolutely! There’s nothing more stressful than waiting for the next fight between your pets to break out. We specialize in pack dynamics. Our individualized behavior modification program will teach your pets to live in harmony with their companions.
Yes, elimination problems can occur for a variety of reasons. Working with an Animal Behaviorist helps you to understand the cause and solution to this problem behavior.
We get at the source of why excessive chewing occurs. Then we develop a program that teaches your pet to chew the appropriate items -their own toys, bones etc., instead of your couch or shoes.
The Pet Peeves Animal Training office is located in Pinellas Animal Hospital. We can come to your home to train your pet when it’s convenient for you OR we can train basic obedience here at our office in just 7 days. No need to juggle your schedule or fight traffic to get to an obedience class. We also offer phone consultations if you live outside of the Pinellas county area.
Absolutely! We train YOU as well as your pet.
Positive reinforcement means just that – it’s positive. We use an approach that is motivational, meaningful, and fun for your particular pet. Some positive reinforcers for pets include praise, treats, toys, and gentle touch. Positive training never includes the use of pinch collars, choke chains, shock collars or any approach that would be a negative and unpleasant experience for your pet.
Yes. 100% money back written guarantee.In Florida, Pet Peeves Animal Training is the only company that will give you a money-back written guarantee. After 19 years of training hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, and birds, we are confident in being able to deliver excellent results. Ask other companies for a written guarantee and they will tell you that it can’t be done. Well, we do it everyday. We love what we do, and you will too – we guarantee it or your money back!
Yes. You don’t need to shock your pet to teach him/her the boundaries of your yard. We can teach your pet to stay safely within the limits of a designated area without the use of painful electric collars. We have positive behavioral programs that teach your pet the boundaries of her territory without causing physical harm or trauma to your pet.
Absolutely! Pets jump because they are overly excited when they greet someone. We teach your pet good manners and how to greet people politely without jumping.
Yes, there is hope for your noisy companion. Dogs communicate through vocalization – dogs typically bark for a reason. We start by determining what your pet is barking about. After determining the causative source we can resolve the nuisance barking through a positive behavior modification program – WITHOUT the use of shock collars or other harsh methods.
Wendy Kelly has a Master of Education degree in Clinical Psychology from Wichita State University, an accredited university in Kansas. Her undergraduate studies include a Bachelor of Science degree in both Psychology and Sociology. She has postgraduate studies in applied animal behavior and mammalian psychology. Wendy has over 20 years of experience in successfully applying the principles of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement in the field of animal behavior. She has successfully worked with hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and birds.
A list of references is available. Our references come from veterinarians, breeders, pet store owners, groomers and satisfied clients. We are a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and are an approved referral company for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and The Humane Society.

We encourage you to check us out. Our customers will tell you how great we are at getting wonderful results with pets and people alike.

15 Years in Pinellas County, Florida.
We can begin training your pet at 12 weeks of age, but your pet is never too old to learn new behaviors. We have successfully trained pets of all ages.
We believe it is an excellent choice, provided that it is introduced and utilized correctly. We teach you the right way to positively introduce and apply crate training to the greatest advantage for your pet. When done properly, pets often see their crate as a safe, comforting den.
We offer all levels of training and behavior modification for your dog, cat, horse, or bird. Some of our programs include: The Start Right Program, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Problem Solving, Individualized Behavior Modification Program, Agility, Show and handling, Service Dog Training, and Training animal actors for TV commercials. We also offer phone consultations if you live outside of the Pinellas county area.
We will gladly accept your Personal Checks, Visa or MasterCard.
Pet Peeves Animal Training specializes in personalized, one on one training with a degreed Animal Behaviorist and/or certified dog trainer. We use ONLY positive methods for training or behavior modification and we guarantee our results in writing or your money back!
Yes. Thunderstorm phobia or fear of loud noises can be nerve racking for your pet. Pets can become anxious, destructive and generally stressed. No fun for Fido. We provide real solutions to resolve this problem, guaranteed or your money back.
Absolutely. We provide positive behavioral intervention to resolve this problem. We guarantee the results or your money back.

Our Star Pupils

Training and behavior modification starts with a great relationship. At Pet Peeves Animal Training, we help you understand the world from your pet’s perspective. Knowing the underlying motivation for your pet’s behavior is key to teaching your pet new, desirable behaviors while minimizing problem behaviors. Compassionate understanding is the foundation for shaping a trouble free relationship with your pet. We believe your pet is an important member of your family and should be treated as such.


“Thank you so much for your help. You are a true friend to animals and people alike. You saved our family.
All four of us appreciate you a great deal. Your dedication to your profession is inspiring and heartwarming. Thank you again, Dan, Brenda, Oscar & Max - Largo, FL
“Just had Heidi to the vet and the entire staff was so impressed with her friendly behavior that they could not believe that it was the same dog. They couldn’t believe that she was ever aggressive. Dr. Masters was in awe. “With Gratitude, Sandy – St. Petersburg, FL
“We wanted to thank you for all the work and “teaching” you have provided.
Jobe has come a long way since we first started and we owe it all to you ! Some people don’t believe he is the same dog.”Thanks again, Amanda and Tom – St. Petersburg, FL

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